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meet mark, Canada!

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sales tool for forum signatures, emails, etc. . . [Jun. 7th, 2006|09:38 am]
meet mark, Canada!

I just discovered something cool that could help you generate some "e-sales". Don't click this link just yet.


Copy and paste into your browser. See the part where it says "rep_phone=5551234567"? Well replace the phone number with your phone number.
Now go to the page. You should be on to the new mark. section of the Avon website. Pick a random catergory and choose a random product to add to your shopping bag.
On the left hand side of your screen there should be a summary of the items in your shopping cart. Click "Check Out".
On the check out page, scroll down to the bottom to the "Avon Representative" section. 
Your phone number should appear there!  Sweet, eh? So now you will get sales credit for whatever your customer buys. Even if they access the website at a later date from www.avon.ca, your number will still be there when they check out. Test it for yourself.
Customer may delete your phone number if they don't understand why it's there. Probably a good idea to tell them somehow that it's your phone number on the check out screen. 
Also, if they don't have "cookies" enabled it won't work, or if they delete their stored cookies on their computer, your phone number will not be automatically inserted until they access from the link you provided them.